An update…


So for starters, I have been at a conference all week for work, and didn’t get the proper opportunity to update the blog.  However, I got out a little early today and wanted to share my progress and some of the story behind this little piece of fabric.

Okay so I follow this lady’s blog:  Persia Lou.  I got the pattern (it was free) from her blog and decided this looked baby-ish.  I picked my own colors and went with it.

Not trying to gain your pity or anything, but I fucking I started this damn blanket three or four times (TO THIS EFFING POINT TOO!).  The first three or four times that I decided to start over was due to messing up the edges…yes, I am a perfectionist.  Then, I realized why my blanket looked so different:  I was using the WRONG size hook.  OMG…as a former seventh grade language arts teacher, I am highly disappointed in my inability to read the damn directions.

Okay so you can grab the pattern from the Persia Lou Blog.  In this pattern, you only need to know how to crochet and double crochet.  However, and in all honesty, I found her directions to be somewhat weird and a little hard to follow….maybe that’s why mine looks shittier than hers.  Regardless, I am proud of my work, and I really really like it.

Raise your hand if you have ADHD?  Me me me!  I did most of my work while at my conference (not gonna lie…); but in reality, crocheting helps me to focus.  I need to do something with my hands in order to pay attention.  Correction:  I need to do something with my hands that does not involve reading or scrolling through other content to pay attention.  Moreover, I have the desire and need to count…thanks OCD.

I could go into a multitude of stories that detail a time when I got in trouble.  But seriously, I would get reprimanded as a kid/teenager by my teachers for doodling and drawing during class.  They never understood that I needed to do something outside of listening in order to pay attention and for my mind to focus.  When I became a teacher, I decided that no other kid would feel bad for literally wanting to jump out of their seat because they too suffer from attention and hyperactive disorders.  Therefore, I encouraged students to do what they needed to do to 1.) feel comfortable in the class, and 2.) to remain focused.  One girl brought in a pair of knitting needles and knitted only during the times that I was giving direct verbal lectures.  She would then put down her needles and take notes when needed.  It wasn’t until years later, that I picked up her habit.  I started going to faculty and staff meetings at my university with a ball of thread and a pair of knitting needles.  People would look at me as if I were crazy…granted, I am…so that’s okay I guess.  Recently, I was accused of not paying attention because I was knitting during a meeting.  Much to everyone’s surprise, I was able to regurgitate verbatim what had been discussed in detail in the meeting.  Therefore, if you struggle with attention issues, try picking up a crochet hook or a pair of needles to see if you are able to focus 🙂

Okay, I am going to get this blanket going!  I shall update when I make some more progress!





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